Couple of updates for you.

1.) Monsters Inc. is almost driving us crazy!! Not really, I can ignore it and read over the movie now, but it is too funny that he can watch it 3 or more times in a day. Last Sunday, I PROMISE, we watched it 3 times!!! He went into the office and picked up Toy Story, I got so excited. We sat down and watched 1/2 of it and he looked at me and said, "No, I wa Monter". I tried to talk him out of it, but (for some reason I just don't understand) there is no reasoning with a toddler. :) He is very stubborn and hard headed and I have NO idea where he gets that from (other the every member of his family).

2.) We are losing the paci battle. We try to only allow it when he's sleeping or going to sleep, but that's not so easy all the time. Again, that reasoning thing! Sometimes, we watch him at daycare and he will have it in his mouth allllll day. Other's he drops it immediately. The other night I came home, it was a day where I had watched him with the paci at daycare all day, I asked him for the paci, he said, "No, Mama" I took it from him. You would have thought I cut off his right arm. Tears, Screams... I just gave it back. Wow. I guess it will eventually be a inning battle, but right now its not looking that good. I have a friend with a girl about a month older then Aiden and she told me today that they aren't winning the paci battle either. That makes me feel better. It's just hard when people give you that look like you are the worst parent ever for allowing your child to have a paci at 2 years old.

3.) Nana is feeling pretty good most of the time and has decided that she's going to be staying with us for a while. Which is a great thing, that way we don't have to worry about her being by herself or being sick and not wanting to bother anyone. We really love having her here. It also helps that she does my least favorite chore (Laundry). So, my vote is she's never leaving. :) LOL.

4.) I really can't think of anything else. Everyone is finally getting over being sick (knock on wood) Really, life is pretty good with the Rosales Family right now.


NJ Grandma said…
Wish I had some magical secret for you to help the PACI problem but if that is the worse thing he is doing than don't fight with him. One day he will decide he doesn't want it any more - maybe when he gets to HS and a cute little girl wants to kiss him!!!! He is only 2.

FREEZING cold here today!!! Not liking it too much.

Love from New Jersey

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