Ana Marie Rosales

We had a REALLY crazy Memorial Day weekend...but we will start with Thursday afternoon.

I was supposed to have an ultrasound at 4:00pm in Mansfield and then drive to Southeast Arlington to see Dr. S. Well, my 4:00pm appointment turned into 4:45pm and lasted until 5:15pm, to say the least we didn't go to see Dr. S. I was pretty upset by the time the sonographer got to us, b/c she was double booked and spent 30 minutes with the other patient and then complained about her Tuesday and Wednesday schedule with the office manager for 15 minutes, then saw me... Really, can we discuss the schedule another time, PLEASE...

But, I was over being mad pretty quickly. We explained to her that we didn't know the babies sex yet and Really wanted to know. She put the probe on my belly and immediately picked it up and said, "Really, you don't know yet, b/c I can already tell you what it is." WHAT?? So, she triple checked, and yes, 3 lines means a girl and 3 lines were there!!

She then checked the mid-line face and took all the measurements. Everything is still great, she's growing great and still due September 15th according to her measurements.

Robert thinks it would be really cool if Ana was born on 09/09/09. He wants to ask the doctor if we could induce on that day. I'm pretty big on letting things happen when they happen. My luck I would go in and be induced in the morning on 09/09/09 and not give birth until 09/10/09, :) Not that they would probably let me go past 6:00pm, but, that's my luck with some things.

Super excited about a girl, and now the shopping and decorating can begin. Ana and Aiden are going to share a room for now. We are probably going to paint the room 2 different brown colors, light on top and dark on bottom. Trying not to paint in the blue and green circles that are currently there and then add tan and pink circles to the other walls. We also have to get the room organized. I want to add another shelf and another clothes rack, organize Aiden's current clothes collection and get the old clothes out of his room. I guess we need to organize the closet outside their room, too. Lots to do!!!

I was going to try to Photoshop what I was talking about, but LOL not happening, use your imagination! :)

Here are some pictures of Ana's 23 Week Sonogram.


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