My Star Trek Adventure

I called Robert Friday afternoon and said, "Do you want to go see a movie tonight?" I thought he was going to explode from excitement. There are so many that we wanted to see right now, but he had to choose 1 movie. I'm definitely not 17 anymore and can't watch 2 movies in one night anymore, although he probably could.

So, after a lot of careful decisions, he decided on Star Trek.

He probably would hate that I am sharing this with you, but I'm going to anyway.

I'm not a Star Trek person, I think I've watched a totally of 1 episode over my 28 years. That 1 episode would be a compilation of bits and pieces of probably 8 episodes or movies from the 43 year that Star Trek has been on TV and in film. So, really I have NO IDEA of what's going on.

The whole time we sat in the movie I was perplexed on 2 issues.

1.) How does this young guy (Captain Kirk) one day become the guy turns into Denny Crane (because I couldn't remember William Shatner's name at the time I was explaining my confusion to Robert) and then he gets old and turns into a skinny bald headed guy (Patrick Stewart). Robert was driving and just looked at me like I had 3 heads, he couldn't figure out what I was talking about. Really, I spent the whole movie trying to figure this out. Robert then explained that William Shatner and Patrick Stewart weren't both Captain Kirk, which now makes everything so much more clear.

2.) How can Spok be 1/2 Human and 1/2 Robot? Is that even possible and why didn't they explain that in the movie. Well, 1.) I guess Spok and Data aren't the same characters either. LOL....Spok is 1/2 Human and 1/2 Vulcan (which I was told isn't Robot) LOL.

I also wondered who was playing the guy from Reading Rainbow...but I guess that's way in the future...

Seriously, now it seems really funny...but I really spent the WHOLE movie thinking these 2 questions. Sorry to all the Star Trek fans out there, I know I'm a complete disappointment to you.

I was also bothered by the fact that a man brought his 2 - 3 year old son to the 9:55pm movie, because it was scary in parts (well for a kid) so I also spent a large amount of time worried about the little boy.

It would have probably been better for me to go and watch Wolverine with Robert instead, I've at least seen all 3 of the X-Men movies. Although I haven't read any of the comics or seen the cartoons, but I would at least have some kind of clue who the characters are.

BTW: Robert totally liked the movie and I thought it was pretty good (special effects and stuff were really neat).


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