Fix It Robert

Robert, since I've known him, has always been a "call someone to fix it" guy. Which, by the way, is still my answer when he goes to fix something, "Could you call your cousin (who's a fix it guy)? Should we call...?" But, lately, Robert has been setting up and is now our own Handy Manny. :)

I call him that b/c that's one of Aiden's favorite cartoons.

He bought a lawn mower and weed eater and has mowed the grass himself. (It really needs to be mowed again, but it keeps raining.) His cousin has a lawn mowing service and had been mowing our grass ever since we moved in. Robert had been talking about getting a mower for a couple of years, but I kept talking him out of it, well, he finally did it this year.

He changed out our toilet seats 2 weekends ago.

Changed the battery in the Expedition on Friday.

And, biggest of all!!! He cleaned out the dryer vent in the wall/attic.

Now, This is big...The laundry room was always pretty humid, but we just thought it was b/c of the dryer, right. So, a couple of weeks ago the dryer stopped heating... Now, every year we have the warranty people come out and check over the washer and dryer just to do whatever maintenance they need. NO ONE has ever told us to remove the hose from the wall and clear that out. NO ONE... So, when the dryer stopped heating we called the service and they asked if we had checked to see if the hose from the dryer to the wall was clogged.

Robert did and it was...(Why wouldn't they check that each year...I don't really understand, but ok) So, then the dryer guy came out and said, we should also check the rest of the vent. Since our laundry room is near the garage and in the middle of the house the vent goes up into the attic and out the roof (Silly, I know) So, Robert got up into the attic and cleaned out a dove's nest from the top of the vent and then cleaned out the rest of the vent with a contraption he made from a sewer snake, duct tape and a sponge. He did that all by himself. I was really proud.

So, all the humidity in the laundry room was from the bird's nest clogging up the vent.

A new project for us is to make some bird houses for all the doves that make nests out of places around our house. Every year we have some on the front porch and this year we have one in our gutters in the back yard and we had one on the roof in the dryer vent. So, we have to find them better places for their nests.


NJ Grandma said…
You go Robert :) I knew you had it in you!!!

Love from New Jersey

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