Garage Sale

This weekend we are trying something new for Camp Rosales...please pray for us... :)

Camp Rosales is holding it's first ever Garage Sale. We have had a ton of donations come in and have a lot of stuff to price and get ready for the Garage Sale which will be Friday and Saturday. We have many volunteers to help us those days, too, but can you ever have enough people help with a large Garage Sale, IDK. I personally haven't had a Garage Sale since I lived in Lake Country oh probably at least 13 years ago. Craziness. I try to avoid them like the Swine Flu. :) I really don't know what we've gotten ourselves into, but hopefully (please get on your knees and start praying now) it will be successful! I don't want to even think about having to haul this stuff somewhere!

Lisa has helped by putting it on Craig's list.

Aiden will be hanging out with Nana most of Thursday night and Saturday. I can't even imagine trying to have a garage sale with a toddler running around. Sounds like fun huh?

I'll let you know on Monday how our Garage Sale/Mother's Day weekend goes! :)


NJ Grandma said…
Good luck with the garage sale - hope you sell a lot of stuff. Also pray the weather is good for you - suppose to rain all weekend here. Wish we were closer to help you out. Love from New Jersey

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