I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking, prayers, meditation and all things involved in just sending good vibes in someone's direction.

Aiden's Godmother Katie and Godfather Mike whom I've talked about in posts before are doing everything right now to have a baby. Sunday she will have an IUI: Intra-uterine Insemination and we are praying for her Lucky Charms to work.

On top of the stress of trying to have a baby, Katie's Granny died last night. Robert and I met Granny at Mike and Katie's wedding and she definitely held a place in our hearts. She is one of those people that's loves everyone and truly shows it. This was definitely one of Katie's favorite people and this loss will be hard for the entire family.

Now, on top of those stresses, Katie's dad is having surgery on Monday to have cancer removed. Katie's parents live here in the DFW area, so Katie's coming down here to be with him while mom goes up for Granny's funeral.

I'm trying to find out where Dad is having surgery so that we can go by and visit and do anything that they need us to do.

So, please, send good thoughts, prayers, positive energy in their direction!


Monika said…
Katie will definitely be on our prayer list.
Katie said…
Thank you for posting this. Love you
Patty said…
Sarah, thank you so much. Aunt Maggie and I just read your post and it is a perfect example of why Granny loved you, Robert and Aiden. We are getting through this and we know Granny is in heaven and not in pain. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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