Coffee Table

Last night at the Garage Sale Pricing Party (not really much of a party, but ok) tables were put out. This is a picture of Monkey Man on "the coffee table".

His way of helping I guess, as much as you can help when your 2 & 1/2 with a plastic golf club. :)

I call this "the coffee table" because it was Aunt Pat's coffee table and has been in ALL of her nieces houses. We had it in our Granbury apartment and in our house before we started buying furniture piece by piece. As you can see it is one of the sturdiest coffee tables around! Lisa and I were sitting on it at one time last night, it didn't even say Uncle!

Our niece Alex came over last night and was talking about her new house that she's going to be renting at Tarleton with some friends and she said, "I need furniture". I said, see that coffee table over there, it's indestructible, has been through many college parties and is your's. So, YAY, instead of being sold in the garage sale it's staying in the family. Aunt Pat, Alex and I are probably the only one's excited about that, but oh well. :)

So, our weekend is full of Garage Sale and resting! Hope your's is just as good!


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