Shoe Shoes

Sunday after church and before lunch at Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat's house we stopped by the mall to get Aiden new shoes.

What an event... He threw a fit... Not much fun for us, him or the poor lady getting kicked for putting new shoes on his feet.

We normally go with Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat to buy him new shoes, but they've been pretty busy fixing up the back yard and deck that we didn't want to add something else to their day.

He's now in a size 8 1/2 or 9 shoe. He really needed some summer sandals. So, we took off his old shoes, and measured his problems or fits there. Then, we were told that he's now in the "Big Boy" section of the shoe store. (Tear) So, we then walked around the "Big Boy" section picking up sandals and asking if he liked these or these. To which he would scream "NO" at us...Then, the nice shoe lady brought out some sandals for him to try on to which he kicked, screamed and kicked, and screamed. Tons of fun!!

He's pretty stuck on his Slimer Nickelodeon shoes, and THANK GOD they still have them in his size and they go up to an Adult size 5, so hopefully they won't discontinue them anytime soon. So, we also got him another pair of those. He again threw a fit when we tried on the new Slimer shoes. Robert and I then drug a screaming child out of the mall and back to the car. (With his old shoes on)

Once we got back into the car we had to sit a little while and think why he is soooo traumatized by getting new shoes. He did the same thing last time we got him shoes, and we don't know why he has such an issue with new shoes.

He wouldn't wear the shoes for the rest of the day on Sunday. Sunday night I took all his old shoes and hid them...and he wore his new Slimers yesterday and even showed them off to our neighbor last night. Crazy kid...

So, Robert and I are thinking from now on we might just take him in, have his foot measured and then leave. We will just buy them online and have a package to open in a couple of days. He loves opening packages, so maybe that will help him with the TRAUMA of new shoes.

So, all that, and here are his new shoes!!


Willow said…
Interesting post.!! I glad you finally got fantastic and adorable shoes.

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