Aiden might be a comedian when he grows up.

On the way to MB and Junior's last Monday he saw some cows. I said, "What does a cow say?" He said, "MOOOO" and then for the rest of the ride would just yell "MOOOOO" every once in a while. Robert and I were cracking up, it was funny.

Well, then Friday on the way to dinner with Lisa. He said, "I see horse." There are no horses on the way to where we were going, so I said, "Where do you see a horse?" He then started yelling, "NEIGH" It is really funny, and I am sure that you have to be there to get the full effect. He would yell "NEIGH" and then I said, "Well, what does a dog say?" He would bark once and then "NEIGH" We would talk a little more and then Aiden - "NEIGH" he wanted to put his 2 horsey cents in I guess.

I don't know if it makes it more funny or not, but when he says "neigh" or "moo" he lowers his voice probably about an octave and says it. So, it is this deep sound.

What does a bird say?
Tweet, Tweet, NEIGH


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