Aiden and his "Brother" and "Sister"

Aiden has a brother and sister. Really, already! :) Diego and Lola of course. Diego is 5 & 1/2 years old and Lola for almost 5 years old. Poor kids live in a kennel a lot of the time, mainly out of their kennel when I'm home and it's not Mimi's time for Aiden. (Otherwise, he just chases them around the house and never calms down) Then, they usually come out again after Aiden's gone to sleep, but sometimes not, because there are times that Aiden goes to sleep after I do... (Shhhh, don't tell Robert LOL) (There is another adult in our household, so it's ok, don't call CPS either)


Aiden LOVES his Diego and Lola. (he calls Lola "Lela" and I have to catch myself calling her Lela all the time). He wants so badly for Diego to lay in his bed with him and be his dog. I hope someday that Diego is "His" dog, but truly Diego and Lola love there mommy more then anyone else. If I am in Aiden's room they will stay with me in his room, lay on the bed with him, etc. But, when I leave the room, they are right behind me. :( Makes Aiden sad.

Sunday, he was walking around talking to Lola and I thought he was telling her to sit. Then, I listened for a little bit and he kept saying, "My Sister, My Sister." over and over again. I asked him what he was saying and he said, "Lela, my sister." AHHHHH.

I guess he's ready for a little sister.


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