The heart of the matter

I have to admit that I left something off of Ana's 33 week update.

Monday, during her ultrasound appointment they noticed a heart arrhythmia. I was told by about 3-4 people that 9 times out of 10 it isn't anything major and goes away after they are born. It could be that one side of the heart is just a little behind in growth then the other side, could be anything in the world that could have caused it. I immediately thought, what have I done... Was it my gallbladder incident on Sunday? Was it the 1 caffeinated drink that I drink a day?...And many more thoughts like that.

After the ultrasound Dr. S listened to Ana's heart with the Doppler and heard the arrhythmia. So, he decided to send me to the hospital labor and delivery triage to "Run a heart strip" or an EKG on Ana. The EKG also showed a very minor arrhythmia, but it could have looked like hiccups or movement. That's why it probably wasn't caught while I was in the hospital the night before.

Dr. S was also going to set me up with a Perinatologist (High Risk OBGYN) to get his opinion.

I felt I was pretty calm through the whole matter. It was just weird that I felt that Dr. S seemed pretty calm about it but then the nurse at the hospital kept talking and talking and talking about it. I felt like if I wasn't panicking then maybe I should be, she just kept talking about it like she was trying to calm me down or something.

I was fine Monday night and then woke up Tuesday crying. Thinking...what if she's 1 in 10? what if....?? I just want to hold her and tell her it's ok, we are going to be able to deal with whatever is wrong... But, then was thinking I probably want to hold her in my arms and tell her it's ok to reassure myself, too. I was pretty distracted the entire day and then realized that there are a lot worse things. There are babies born with their hearts outside of their bodies and many other more serious things that could have been wrong with her.

We were so lucky with Aiden to have the perfect pregnancy and a great birth. I guess it was time for a little less perfect for us.

So, today, Robert and I went to the Perinatologist (Dr. G). We had another ultrasound and NO ARRHYTHMIA!!! Everything is fine. Dr. G said that doesn't mean that the arrhythmia is gone or not there, but he's 99% sure that it won't be a problem and that if it does come back then it will probably cure itself after birth.

It took me a couple of days realize that we could have been dealing with a lot worse things and there is a 99% chance that it is nothing. But, still a little scary.

Special loving thanks to our family and friends that checked on me and kept me sane while Robert was out of town and our friends who kept Robert sane in Chicago. :) Also, thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.


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