Kid's Room

Before picture!
All the steps to making the kid's room into a Boy/Girl room instead of just a boy's room. I really love the circles so they had to stay.

First, I painted around the existing circles...

Then we painted above the chair rail green and below it brown. In our house there are 2 different browns in all of the rooms, well a cream and a brown. So, we continued the brown in this room, too.

Then, we started to paint brown and pink dots on the circle wall. (This still isn't finished yet, maybe this weekend.)

Then, we put the furniture back in the room (rearranged a little)

After a lot of cussing and frustration we put Aiden's Big Boy Bed together and in his room. You might notice that their are no draws (they go under the mattress part) that's because we didn't have all the parts in our box, gotta love that. The company is shipping us the right pieces.

Side Note: The big compromise in our house... Robert and Aiden wanted a Spiderman bed set for Aiden's new big boy bed. I agreed on the sheets and a solid comforter, Spiderman doesn't match the circle theme. :) I know, I know, what does it really matter, in the big scheme of things it's just Spiderman, but I just couldn't do it. So, right now he's using a light cover from the living room and this weekend we are getting him a new comforter that is a solid blue that matches the room and his Spiderman theme.

And that afternoon one little boy sleep in his big boy bed! He didn't sleep in it at night until Wednesday night, he had to work up to that. :)

We don't have a completely finished room, but we are currently just working on the small stuff.


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