Storytime with Aiden

We have a new library coming up really close to where we live, SO EXCITED (I know about a library, I'm crazy, but hey). Currently, I drive by one about 15 minutes from our house to get books on CD for my 40-60 minute (1 way) commutes, it makes the time pass a lot faster.

So, about 2 months ago I was headed home late and went by the library and they were having their weekly Story time!! How fun!!!

Aiden and I went to our 2nd Story time last night at the library. The first one he had a diaper blow out and we didn't stay the entire time, because like the awful mommy I am, I didn't bring a diaper with me. :) Greatness. Last night they were able to keep his attention a little more, they had a little acting of the "Three Little Pigs" with a Texas flair, and a follow me/Simon Says book were they did the things that the reader did. Then, they had craft time and Aiden was DONE, he wanted to go and pick out some books. I spent a ton of time looking for a dinosaur book, I'll have to figure out where they hide those for our next visit. Or do some research in the card catalog online before we go.

But, overall, for a 2 & 1/2 year old he did really well. He even sat on the floor with the other kids during story time. Last time I had to sit on the floor with him, this time he sat on the floor with his story time buddies all by himself. Which is a good thing, because I don't think that I could have gotten up from off the floor. :)

{Sorry for my finger in the picture, sometimes I have my Aunt Janna's photography genes and sometimes I don't}


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