I played with fire

and I got burned...

Long story short... I ate a pretty fatty dinner on Sunday night (because I haven't had any problems with my gallbladder and just was thinking why not. I guess.) and ended up in the ER again. This time Dr. S was called and he said he wanted me admitted for a "23 hour watch". I was only there from 9:00pm to 8:30am.

I had anti nausea meds, antibiotics, pain medications and a sleep aid. Let me tell you about the pain meds. WOW, they made me pretty high and I couldn't stop laughing. WOW. I just kept thinking "How do people function like this?" "How do people take this kind of stuff everyday and function?" I guess they gradually work themselves up to what I had, I don't know how anyone could even stand up straight. But, I guess some don't. I laughed so hard I couldn't breath, and what I was laughing at was in my head, so my mom and Jeff were sitting there laughing at me, because I was laughing so hard, but had no idea what I was laughing at. Once, I finally got out what I was laughing at, probably after minutes of laughing, it wasn't so funny to them. :) Guess they needed to be in my head with me or on the same meds. LOL

This would also explain some of the funky Tweets/FB updates last night, I couldn't see straight to type on my phone and couldn't comprehend completely what I was reading. Really WOW how could anyone function.

So, Dr. S came by this morning and wasn't happy with me, explained the complications that I could give myself (pancreatitis, colitis, gallbladder rupture, etc) along with early labor. Me being a Libra, big sister, eternal people pleasure, just had to look at him to feel bad (Along with the horrible pain and worrying last night).

I have my regular appointment and "Growth Ultrasound" scheduled for today. I've been sleeping the whole day. Gran took Aiden to go and play with her and PawPaw while I rested at home today. We figured that even with Nana at home he would be jumping on the bed and keeping me awake or banging on the door to get in. :)

Today's Gran's birthday, too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAN!!!


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