Church Clothes

Sunday Aiden and I were getting ready for church and he kept throwing a fit when I tried to put a shirt on him, yelling, "Football, Football", and pointing in his closet. The closet is where his collared shirts hang and he has some storage bins of bigger clothes that he can't wear yet. None of his collared shirts have footballs on them, so I had NO IDEA what he was wanting.

We walked over to the closet and he said, "Mommy, Purple, Football." I looked up and saw his Tarleton Football Jersey that we bought for him during Homecoming last year. So, he wore his football jersey to church on Sunday, really all day Sunday.

We got a lot of comments from people like, "Starting him early huh?" or "Are you going to be a football player?" Which Lord help us if he is, luckily we have lots of friends and family that can help him with that. I don't think I've even watched a football game all the way through and certainly couldn't tell you what's going on, but I can tell you what song the band is playing or even conduct it for you. :) (I really just go to football/sporting events for school/team support and socialization) Robert's a little better about what's going on in the game, but we have a lot to learn before they start sports.

Again, our kiddos should be thankful that we have friends like, Lisa: Played basketball, Brett: Coaches and has played football, Dianne: Cheerleader, Meghann: Dance Team, Jeremy: Soccer, Eddie: Disk Golf (hehe), Junior: Football, and grandparents and grandaunts who have played, coached and enjoy the games!

And then they should remember that mommy and daddy can play a mean clarinet. :)


Mike said…
tell pat she looks good...havent seen her in awhile.

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