Dr S Appointment

I saw Dr. S last Friday. It was a good visit.

Earlier in the week I had a cholesterol panel run at work. My cholesterol is slightly above normal again and my triglycerides are high this time, which they haven't been in the past. I asked for the lab to be run because after Aiden was born I had higher cholesterol and then got it under control with diet and exercise. Also, since I've been reading a lot about gallbladder issues, there is information out there that higher cholesterol can lead to those issues. So, really my research mind was interested in knowing.

I took the results to Dr. S, who pretty much said, "Yeah, everyone's cholesterol goes up during pregnancy," but I asked him if we can follow it after Ana is born and he agreed.

I also have an appointment with a General Surgeon on the 20th. Just a get to know you visit, just in case I have to have my gallbladder out in an emergency, before Ana is here, then I know my doctor. Then, if we don't have to have it out before she's here, he will take it out laproscopically a couple of weeks after she's born. Which is a in and out day procedure, 3 little scares, and a lot less time in recovery. So, to say the least I'm eating as little fat and spice as possible.

My only weaknesses right now are Peanut Butter and Garrett's Popcorn. That popcorn calls your name...I swear. :) It's almost gone though and I only eat about 1/2 a handful of it, which is still probably too much.

The diet is a little inconvenient, I mean we went to The Cheesecake Factory for Dianne's birthday on Friday and I had to research what I was going to eat (definitely not cheesecake) but other then that it is ok.

And really I'm feeling A LOT better. I have the occasional pain in the upper abdomen/upper back but I think with the diet and the medication it's really working.

Oh, and our next visit is an ultrasound visit!! YAY!!! Can't wait.


Tarvers said…
Should I bring some more Garret's to Dallas for you? It is SO addicting.

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