Africa Hot

When I was little I would hear my dad say it was "Africa Hot" outside, and that it was yesterday. It reached 107 degrees. That is too hot to even want to go outside and do anything. I helped Dee with her stuff to the car without shoes (I know I am the WT neighbor, there just weren't any near the door) and I think I burnt my feet to the 2nd or 3rd layer of skin off my feet. I gave her a quick kiss/hug goodbye and ran to the grass to cool off.

Poor Aiden isn't having much outside time, it is just too hot and especially too hot for Nana to be outside. We try to take him outside a little when the sun is starting to go down. But, last night at 8:30pm it was still 101 degrees outside. WOW!!

All I have to say is thank God I am not pregnant in this heat. My mom always reminds me that she was pregnant in the hottest summer ever (1980) were it reached over 100 degrees 69 days that summer. I had a pretty mild summer with Aiden, Thank you God.

But, I definitely agree that it is Africa Hot outside.

I laid in bed with Aiden this morning for an extra 30 minutes or so. Just watching him and listening to him snore. He was snoring this morning. He has a pretty crusty nose so he was breathing through his mouth and snoring!! But, I just love watching him sleep.

Also, keep my Great Aunt Faye in your prayers she is having a heart cath this week.


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