New Sofa

We got a new sofa!! We have had a black leather bachelor's sofa before that a friend sold us when he moved to Florida. Now that comfortable sofa belongs to Lisa and Brandon and we own a new one!!

Next thing we plan on doing is getting the other 2 chairs in this room recovered and I think we will be done with furniture for a while. Other then new TVs that Robert wants. (I keep seeing these commercials about how TVs may not work after Feb of 2009 and I asked him about it. He got these wild eyes and said, "Yeah, our TVs won't work we have to get new ones." HUM??? I don't think so.)

Now here is a question. That wall looks kinda blank. Maybe a big mirror? Or a big picture and then the little pictures on the side? HUM??? Need to fix that!!


Brandy said…
The couch looks awesome!! I love the color. Also dont let Robert fool you as long as you have cable or satellite they will work fine. He is like Lee and just wants some new TV's LOL!!!!
NJ Grandma said…
I love the new couch. If you put a mirror up it will make the room look bigger if that is the look you want. But a large picture would look really nice also. HUM - decisions, decisions. Love to my little man. Hugs from New Jersey

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