Potty Training

I know it is probably too early to be thinking about potty training, but.... Aiden has been taking off his diaper if he pees. Not every time, but about once a day. He has words for Pee Pee and Poo Poo. So those are some of the signs that he is ready.

Signs he isn't ready: Terrible 2 stage. They say (they say or stuff I have been reading says) that you should wait until they are done with their defiant "no" stage, which he has been in for a couple of months now. But, doesn't that stage last until they are 30 or something like that. J/K, at least 18, right?
So, this weekend we went with Gran and bought a potty. Just a simple potty, there are so many kinds out there. This one turns into a stepping stool once they are through with it, but doesn't have music, bells or whistles!!

I am telling you there are some pretty crazy ones out there!! Look at this...

It's a urinal, can you believe that. Why would you buy one of those when that's not what is in your house. Well, at least not in mine. Maybe I should just speak for myself!!

But anyways!! So, we begin our quest of potty training. It is a slow journey I hear. We pretty much just bought the potty so we can start when we think he is really ready.


Brandy said…
Good Luck and a little bit of advice after Training 4 I have learned not to use the Pull-Ups. They are great on the go but when you are at home they make these great thick undies with plastic pants attached. They are wonderfull and help us greatly, none of my boys wanted to do it and these helped me out alot.

Anonymous said…
Maybe you will get lucky with Aiden like I was with Juli - She just decided one day that she would use the "big" potty - I dropped her off at daycare with diapers on and picked her up that evening in her "big girl" panties.

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