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I’ve often wondered what wisdom I would be able to pass on to my son and future children (no that isn’t a hint folks). I think Camp Rosales would be a great legacy to leave to my children and overall family. I hope that my nephews and nieces choose to become more active as they continue with their lives! But I am constantly thinking of what our family values are and what it is to be a “Rosales”.

Unfortunately for me, that is unknown only because I didn’t grow up with the Rosales side of my family. Now I can make the decision to include that side of my family in my life but it is difficult since they are located in Del Rio and so far away from us. However, the times that I have been able to get close to my Dad’s side of the family I see where a lot of my personality stems from. I believe that most of my outgoing personality comes from the Rosales side of the family. I also know that my charisma comes from that side as well. What struck me the most about my dad’s family is that when I am down there and you mention Rosales people actually know the last name, which is a huge change for me. Among the family members they will end comments with “puro Rosales”. Which means Pure Rosales usually in the contexts usually after the Rosales men have made a wonderful comment about someone in the family…(sound familiar).

So again, I go back to the reason why I started this entry, I want to be able to stand by something that Sarah and I agree on and that sums of our family values. I know that Sarah was told that “all she has in life is her name and to take care of it because it is all we really have that can never be taken away from us”; that came from one of the most respected person that I’m sure she misses everyday, her Gran! So I’ve milled over various things about family and I have come to a great Motto or just statement, either way I think it will be for this Rosales Family:

“Our Name Is Our Virtue”

It seems as though you find the influences in various forms and for this statement it comes from a song entitled “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I just like what it means I think it incorporates what Sarah has been told and also what I want to instill in our children and family. For me, this statement means that what we do in this life, really everyday, is a reflection on our person, on our name, and on our family! I want them to take pride in what being a Rosales means and work hard to make themselves happy; which ultimately is what any parent really wants, is for their children to be happy in life.

I worry about being a good parent everyday and wanting my child to be the best person he can be. I worry about being a good husband to my wife and making sure that I make her happy. I worry about being a good son to my mom, especially now that she needs her children more than ever. I worry that I can’t seem to do enough to make myself happy. Don’t worry I don’t obsess about these things but they do cross my mind.

I have made some mistakes that have made people question my integrity and have damaged my name in the past, but that is behind me and there is nothing I can do about that. It is history for a reason!

The Rosales name now belongs to 2 other people that are dear to my heart and I want to set a good example for both of them. I want to be able to say proudly that I am happy to be a Rosales and that being a Rosales is being a part of something special. So to my wife, I say:
“Sweetheart, I love you more that you can ever imagine and everyday you fascinate me more and more. I care for you more than I ever thought I could and cherish everyday that we are together and miss you everyday that we are apart. Know that I will try to make you happy everyday of our life and make you proud to be a mother, a wife and most importantly a Rosales”
To my son, I say:
“I am in awe of you everyday. My heart melts just seeing you and instantly I’m taken back to the day that your were born and I first held you in my arms. I want you to be strong, confident, self-assured, funny; a well rounded individual. I want for you nothing more than to be happy, to care for others, to love everyone including yourself and most importantly I want for you to be a Rosales”

So I end this entry with a humbled heart and a sense of accomplishment as I have figured out a family motto to being to build upon.

Robert Rosales
“Our Name is Our Virtue”


Anonymous said…
I love your blog guys, but thanks for making me cry Robert. You guys are such a cute family! I know your a great father, just look at your beautiful son!
Anonymous said…
You said nothing that I already did no know but it is always good for you to remind Sarah and Aiden of how you feel.
I have watched you grow into the man you are and I know there is more growth and learning yet to come. You are a Rosales but you are also part of my family, Sarah's and your family of choice known as your friends.
Anonymous said…
I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching my family name on the internet. I am Lemwelle and I am a Rosales too - only from the Philippines.

I can very much relate to your story of being a part of a family reputed on their place of residence. Makes me proud and somewhat burdened. Having the pressure of living up to the expectations of your fathers and forefathers and everyone else around you.

I am so happy about this post of yours. You're such a great man and a great husband and father and when I become one, I want to be just like you. Your motto sounds great and motivational too and, only if you don't mind, I'd like to adopt it. Take care always and God bless

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