Music Man

As you may know, Robert and I believe strongly in the power of music in education. I won't go into preaching to you about the reasons why, don't want you to get too bored. (And, I can't seem to find my soapbox, Hum?? Maybe it is in DC with Robert or Aiden has hidden it somewhere :) )

I wish I could figure out how to get video from my video camera on to the blog, but not so lucky yet. Sorry!

Last night I was trying to cook dinner with 2 dogs and a toddler under my feet. I got out 3 pots and set Aiden up a drum set!! Gave him a couple of spoons for drum sticks and we had a jam session!! Lots of fun and noise at our house. Nana probably thought I was crazy!! We were yelling, singing and playing the drums!! Too Funny. Aiden had soooo much fun playing the drums (pots, pans, and plastic bowls). Maybe we had too much fun, because we broke 2 drumsticks (spoons) but they were just the cheap wooden ones.

I got it on video, but I am not that tech savvy with that yet.

So, for the meantime you will have to enjoy pictures of Aiden with his guitar. Really it is a Guitar Hero guitar, but whatever works, right?

No clothing and a guitar, true rocker style!!


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