Pink Eye

No, not Aiden!! MAMA has pink eye, YAY!! I know you're jealous. I have no idea where I got it. We had a weekend full of kids and play-grounds. We went to Ashleigh's b-day party on Saturday, Chikfila in the evening (where we played on the playground), then another playground in the park Sunday morning. So, I could have gotten it anywhere.

Sunday night it was unbearably tearing and felt like I had sand in my eye all night. Woke up with it closed Monday morning.

Really bad thing is that I work at an Oncology/Hematology office (cancer patients). So, I can't go back to work until Wednesday. My luck I would give it to someone else and then there would be an outbreak in the office.

Lots of fun here!! No one else has it yet, I hope it stays that way!!


Brandy said…
That totally stinks that you have pink eye. I hate when I get or even worse when the kids get it. I hope you are feeling better.


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