Mama's Ring

Yesterday morning, while I was in the shower Aiden was playing at my vanity. I got out of the shower, got ready and went to put on my jewelry, which almost always sits on my vanity. So, I put on 2 rings and started to look for the 3rd ring. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!

Robert and I spent 30 minutes in the morning (to which I was 30 minutes late to work) looking for my ring. When we asked Aiden where the ring was he put his hands in the air and said, "Ba" which means gone or no more. Like when he doesn't need anymore Cheetos or Ice Cream we tell him, "Sorry, Ba, All Gone". So my ring was "Ba".

We then found something from the bathroom in the playroom so we tore it apart looking for my ring.

I went to work. Robert told Nana about the ring and she spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom looking for the ring.

I got home from work. Still sick to death about the ring. I decided it must have gone down the drain, since it was open, that must be where it is. The trap will have caught it, I will take apart the pipes and find my ring!! I found a bunch (BUNCH) of black gross gooey stuff, but no ring. Then I spent another 30-45 minutes putting everything back under the sink and cleaning up the bathroom, which had been torn apart several times throughout the day.

Aiden was playing at the vanity again. I turned around as soon as I heard a metal sound hitting the floor. Where had my ring been?

On my Victoria Secrets Pink bottle (Aiden's favorite to play with) ALL DAY!!


NJ Grandma said…
BOYS WILL BE BOYS :):) The picture of Aiden and Lola is soooo cute. She really loves him.

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