Color Wonders

This is a little bit of a product review!!

No, I didn't get any items from Crayola for doing this, but I had heard about this product and just had to see it for myself!!

I got Aiden some of the plain drawing paper, the watercolors and the mini-markers.

Wow, Love it!!

He got some TaDoodles from Grandma Gail, which he loves, too!! They just added to the artwork!!

Today we colored on Nana's bed and on the coffee table. He definitely went off the paper with the markers and watercolors and there was no color on the bed. There was a little bit of residue on the coffee table, but it was easily washed away!! This is an amazing product that they should have thought of years ago!! The only trouble he has is that he cannot open the markers or the water colors by himself. Which is most likely why they say 3+ on the product box, and is probably a good thing anyways.

Here are some of the pictures that Aiden painted today, and some pictures of him painting!!#2, Watercolor, Marker and Crayon#3 Watercolor, Marker and Crayon


Brandy said…
Those are wonderfull, expecially when they are learning how to color. I should have told you about them earlier. Have fun with the art work, it is beautiful.


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