I love gardening. This year, as you have seen previously, we planted some veggies!!! Well, all isn't going as good as we hoped. Let's just say that we are still buying most of our produce from the grocery store!!

Well, tonight Aiden was swimming in his pool. I watered some of the plants that didn't get all the rain this week. I went over to the Squash plant and found this...

And unlike the Bell Pepper this one is actually grocery store size!!!

Well, I took a closer look...

And saw this...HUM???.... What is living in my squash?

Did a little Science disection....My favorite subject in school and found...

I think it is a grub worm!!!! YUCK!!!! So, the rest of the squash looks fine, but I am not eating it. Would you? I have to read up on how to get bugs out of the garden. Think I might buy some ladybugs. They are an organic way to get rid of some bugs from your garden. So maybe the other 2 baby squashes won't be eaten up by grub worms.

I just wish Aiden was a little older, not trying to wish mine or his lives away, it would have been a really fun Science disection to do together!!! Maybe we will have more grub worms in a couple of years.

PS: Didn't disect the worm, just the squash. The worm went into the side yard with some of the squash!!


Brandy said…
That veggie looks wonderfull to bad about the worm. Lee planted a garden for my MIL and we are having problems with rats eating all of our veggies. They really like the eggplants and tomatoes. I have not had one tomatoe out of that garden this year. However we use Sevens Dust to keep the bugs out and it works pretty well. Talk to you soon.


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