Dada's Home

Robert came in a little earlier then he thought he would last night. He got in at about 6:00 I picked him up after work.

When we got home he ran in the house and Aiden saw him. Aiden came running and screaming towards him, wrapped his arms around his legs and hugged him! Then kept saying Dada over and over again. It was a wonderful reunion after he had been gone for 2 weeks.

After, he was quite over Dada being home, he was hungry and wanted PIZZA!! So we went to Pizza Hut for dinner.

It is great to have him back home, we really missed him. I really missed his hugs and just having someone laying next to me in bed. (Other the Diego and Lola)


NJ Grandma said…
WELCOME HOME DADA!! Nothing like a little one running to you after being gone for a bit. Love the pool pixs - he looks like he is going to be a little water rat!!! Love from New Jersey

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