1st Day of Daycare

There was lots of crying, well, on Aiden's end that is. Robert and I didn't cry b/c we know its time to start school.

There were a lot of cute kids in his class. His teacher Ms. Lauren was really nice and helped us exit the room without him attached to our legs.

Currently, he will be going MWF to get him started in class. They do most of their learning in the morning, nap around 12 (which lately his naps are around 3pm, so we will see how that goes!), then playtime and more class in the pm. They have a program were he can come in for the am education/enrichment part and then Nana could pick him up around 12. We will just have to see how he does!
Here are some pictures of Aiden's 1st Day!!


NJ Grandma said…
OMG - our little guy of to school. I hope he had a great day after the initial shock wore off. What a cute picture of him and Dada walking to school. Tell him we love him and he will love school and he will meet some new friends. Keep us posted on how he is doing.

All our love from New Jersey

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