Busy, Busy, Busy. I think that is the story of our lives.

Wednesday night we went up to my sister's house in Denton, to be there to help in the morning and just hang out!

We woke up Thursday, started cooking, making breakfast, sides, etc. Laura and her FIL Lee made 2 Turkeys. (There was a lot of Turkey left over) I think there were about 25 people that came to give thanks.

Thursday afternoon Robert wasn't feeling well, so we went to bed early, well we tried, it was a little tough with a 2 year old in and out of our bed.

Friday morning we (Robert, Jeff and I) woke up with the rest of the CRAZY people and started at Kohls at 3:45am! It was a lot of fun. Then, we had to stop by Starbucks! We also went to Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bath and Bodyworks, (insert Breakfast) Nordstroms, GAP, ... (I think I lost track there) We did most of our Christmas Shopping!!! Only a few stragglers to pick up! We never do our shopping this early!

Friday night we had friends over at our house to hang out! There was some Scrabble playing, sleeping, movie watching, eating, hair dyeing... FUN TIMES!

Saturday we had Robert's family over for Thanksgiving.

I didn't count how many people, but there were a lot!! Robert got to carve his first turkey, he did a great job at that! Meghann and I ran around getting the Turkey, picking up a few odds and ends we still needed and then getting everything ready!

Sunday, we went to church and Aiden practiced for his upcoming Christmas Pageant. I think it is going to be supper cute. (We will definitely have pictures and video of that.) Then, we went to Nini's house to help fix her computer and to take a nap!!

What a weekend! I wish I had today off to recoup! HEHE!

We hope that your Thanksgiving was as fulfilling as our's was! Now it is time for the Christmas events to start!!


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