Blog against the ticket gods...

About 2 weeks ago I got a ticket in Southlake for speeding. Along with that ticket for speeding I got another ticket because my registration was out on the Solara.

Speed forward 1 week. Out shopping with mom at Ridgemar Mall. Driving 20 in the parking lot, pulled over in the Expedition for... Expired Registration.

So, the Solara was up in Sept and the Expedition was up in Nov. The tough part is that we usually forget about it after opening the reminder in the mail. Then, the sticker is dark blue, so when you sit in the car you can't see the date b/c it is darkk blue!!! I know, I know excuses, but eh!

So, Last week I went and did the registration on both vehicles. I went to crazy Southlake town Center, took forever to find a parking spot, then...(I will just stop there, it was pretty crazy). Fixed the Solara's registration ticket while I was at the Southlake Courthouse.

This morning I went to the Fort Worth Courthouse to deal with the Expedition's ticket. I took the ticket in, the lady looked at me and said, "This is the registration receipt for a Toyota..." AAAAHHHHH. So, I go back out to the car to head to work and I have a parking ticket. A Flipping PARKING TICKET! All I could do was laugh. I put enough money in the meter for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I saw the Traffic Control Cop and thought, Oh well it is a good thing I put money in the meter! I got a parking ticket for "10. OTHER - Improperly parked at Meter at Front" So, I was parked with the meter at my front fender and not at the front of the car. Like maybe 2 feet forward.

I really want to fight it because it is the point of the thing, but it is only a $25 ticket and it would take more then that in time and effort to fight it. AAAAHHHH. Maybe I need to go to some kind of hex place and get this stupid ticket hex off of me! :) Well, I made it to work this morning without getting another ticket. Wish me luck on the way home!!


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