Christmas Pictures Part I

Here are some pictures that Gran sent me of Aiden playing in the Christmas presents!


Oh my goodness! Look at all those gifts!!!
Sarah Rosales said…
Yeah, I know... Robert has a lot of family! With Nana and us buying for the 20 nieces and nephews there were a lot of presents. I think the pile of presents was at one time taller than the 7 foot tree!
Katie said…
Too cute! So you don't think we are total deadbeat aunt/uncle-we have your gifts here-they are going home with my mom and dad. Aidens gift didn't arrive until the 23rd...grrr
NJ Grandma said…
OMG - could you have fit any more gifts in your living room. Aiden looks REALLY happy though!!! Happy Happy New Year to all three of you. We love you. Gail and Bob

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