Daycare Update

Yesterday morning I asked Aiden to help me with his clothes and shoes so that he could go and see the Ninos. He said, "NO" :) LOL, that didn't work! So, we got his clothes on with not much trouble. Then, we went for the shoes. He kicked his feet and kept saying "NONONONONO", but we got the shoes on anyway. Then, he followed Dada outside to help heat up the cars. Nana made him a to-go smoothie!

When I dropped him off he was doing the fake cry thing that he does. Then, once we got to the classroom he started really crying. But, as I left the manager said that he really doesn't cry for that long and he has lots of fun while he's there. (I wanted to say, "Well, he can cry all day if he wants, this is good for him!) (Just a good thing that Nana doesn't drop him off, she wouldn't leave him while he's crying.)

When Robert picked him up in the afternoon he said bye to everyone and was happy that Dada was there. So, Mean Mama drops him off and Nice Dada picks him up!

Ms. Lauren said he had a good day. He took a 45 minute nap and ate a hamburger and some fruit.

Tomorrow will be day #3!

We went to yoga last night at around 7:00 and when we got home at 8:45 he was already asleep. He woke up at 12 and moved to our bed and then at 4:00am he wanted a drink, but then went back to bed and slept until almost 8:00. So, about the same routine right now, although he's going to bed a little earlier. Hopefully, he will start sleeping though the night! Maybe we should just lock him in his room, that's my vote! :) Just Kidding!

This morning I asked him if he wanted to go and see the Ninos. He said "No" and hid behind Nana. I said, "Ok, that's fine for today, but that's not the right answer for tomorrow!!" He's only going MWF right now.


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