Christmas vs Toddler

Well, Christmas is losing right now!! He opened up one of Robert's presents, 1/2 opened one of his Godfather (Mike's) presents (I sent it yesterday with a little note attached), and then opened one of his own presents that Grandma Gail sent him. We kept it by the tree and told him he can't play with it until after Christmas.

I know he just doesn't understand still, but its tough. I think all of the Chirstmas presents are moving to the office for the weekend, and maybe until Christmas.

As for the tree. Well, we have lost about 4 causalities this year. One being our favorite Tarleton Ornament. :( I have to ask someone to go to the bookstore in Stephenville before they come home!

So, Maybe we will put up all the nice ornaments, too!!

Oh, on somewhat of the same note, someone will be starting daycare very soon! Della from across the street goes to a really nice Church Daycare that really is reasonably priced. Della's mom, Kristi, is a Librarian and used to be a teacher, so I trust that she thinks that Della is in the right place for her learning experiences, social and educational. I called this week and put Aiden on the list for the 2 year old class, he is the first on the list, but they aren't sure when a spot will be available. So, in the meantime, Aiden might be going to a different place until he can get in. We think he just needs a place to run around, play with others and have a little more structure then he is getting at home. It is too cold for Nana right now so he isn't going outside to run and go to the park like he was in the summer. So, right now it is really tough for him and Nana, being stuck in the house all day with not much release of all that energy (well, other then opening presents and breaking ornaments.)

We will keep you updated on how all the daycare stuff goes!!

PS: Pacy stuff isn't going well. We pretty much have him to the point of only having a pacy when he is sleepy or going to bed. But, Tuesday he couldn't find any pacys in the house and it was a disaster all day!! Nana called Robert at about 2:00 and said "I can't take this, you have to bring home a pacy" He had been crying all day for one. :( So, hopefully daycare will help with that, too. We'll see!


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