Where have you been?

Well, we had a crazy Christmas weekend!!!

Christmas Eve - I worked 1/2 a day, then ran around a little to get food stuff for Christmas day. Actually, I think we did more, but my mind is so foggy right now I can't remember!

Christmas - We woke up, opened presents, and then started stuff for brunch with my family. We had a great brunch! Lots of food (leftovers for Sunday brunch!! YAY for me) Then, we laid down for a little nap. Robert's family started trickling in through out the day.

26th - ER trip at 4:00am! Aiden had been pretty sick since Tuesday and was coughing so bad he was gagging and throwing up. We were ok with the coughing but not so much with the throwing up part. Doctor didn't really want to give us any meds or anything, which we were ok with, it is more peace of mind to us then medications. I think he compensated us with 10 minutes of his time rather then a script. :) But, we left there at 8:00am. Dropped Aiden off for a nap with Nana and went after Christmas shopping for more paper, bags, etc...

Then we were home and getting ready for Robert's family. We definitely need a bigger house. Soon!! Since, Nana lives with us now most of the family stuff that was always at her house is now at our house. With almost 40 people in his family it gets a little tight. We had a lot of fun, we did a Chinese Christmas exchange this year. Lots of fun and LOTS OF FOOD!!! Mom and Carmen (Robert's sister) made Tamales and Mednudo. And then everyone else brought something to go alone with that!

Saturday, bring on the friends. We pretty much just cleaned house and sat around. Then, we took the 4 legged kiddos to the groomers! That's an event in itself! In the afternoon that Lisa, Meghann and I went to go and get our nails done. We met up with some college buddies for dinner (Kim and John / Erin and Ross) we took them to the famous Chef's Point! Its a 5 star restaurant in a gas station. They have really good food! And Diners, Drive-ins and Drives will be there next Monday, b/c they are going to be on the show! WOW!

Sunday, Brunch with our friends. Which is always lots of fun!! We ate all the leftovers from the past 3 days of food! That helped clean out the fridges. Then, we just hung out all day. What a great day with our friends, couldn't have asked for any better. I think we all got a nap at some point in time. Perfect!

Next year we are wishing for a healthy Christmas. Aiden has been sick since last Tuesday, then I started getting sick Thursday or Friday, and now Robert's sick. Lots of fun!!

I have some Christmas pictures we will get up tonight or tomorrow! Hope your Christmas was just as blessed!


NJ Grandma said…
Hope our little man is feeling better really soon. Nothing worse then being sick when Santa is coming. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from us. We love you.
Well I hope you all start feeling better....I was sick this Christmas too.....it stinks....all my plans when down the drain...but oh well...I got to relax which is what I needed anyways ;)

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