We had a lot of fun this past weekend in Chicago.

Friday, I got off the Airplane, onto the L, and out at the Jackson stop. That's where the federal building is. There were tons of cops, tons! And right outside the train stop there was someone getting arrested. I was talking to Robert on the phone and he could see from inside the building where I was standing. He was trying to tell me how to get to the hotel from where I was standing when 2 more cops cars pulled up with their lights on. Robert said, "Hum, maybe you should start walking away so that you don't get arrested or something." So, that was a really nice welcome to Chicago. :)

Friday night Robert and I went to see Wicked.... OMG, it was soooooo good. Really, I mean it, Really Good!! Robert loved it, too! It was a ton of fun! We had a blast. (My only complaint was the lady and her 10 year old next to us. It was their 8th or 10th time to see it and every time there was a punch line they would say it before the actor would. ANNOYING! and then they were singing, too.) But, Ok, after intermission when we talked to them about Dallas and stuff they didn't do it anymore. But, Definitely FANTASTIC!

Robert worked a little both days, but while he was working I was being touristy. I went to the Sears Tower Saturday morning and to the Art Institute of Chicago Sunday morning. We have friends, Kim and John, who live in Chicago. We met up Saturday to eat Giordano's Pizza, yum! Then, traveled around town, shopping, eating and having fun. Then we ate at Penny's Noodle Shop near Kim and John's house. It was really good! Then, we went back to their house and spent the night there, after a couple of movies (and drinks). They have a really cute condo, pretty close to downtown Chicago, makes you wonder if raising kids in the city would be all that bad. Good life experience for the kids, right? I think it would be fun!!

Sunday, we ate at Italian Village which also had great food! We took most of it home and we were completely full, too. Then, we walked down to the Christmas Tree at Daley Plaza and then to Macy's to take some pictures of the windows.

Then, a very important stop to Garretts Popcorn!! We only bought a medium bag of Mix and a medium bag of Caramel. I bought way too much elsewhere to fit anything else in my bags! YUM, So Good!

Then, Robert and I flew home together in a 777 (WOW, That's how I always want to travel) Personal TV in the seat back in front of you, you get to choose which movie you watch. Then, there are TV shows and games and all kinds of stuff on those things. Lots of fun!!
It was a great anniversary weekend!! I couldn't have asked for anything else!!!

Here's some pictures of our weekend!

Robert and John in the hotel room in their new jackets!

This was at the Coach store, I thought it would be cute for Dianne's puppy Hadley!!

T-Rex takes over Chicago, in the Lego store!!! Really cute!

Robert on the bus.

Sarah on the bus.

American Gothic (by Grant Wood) statue in Chicago, from the bus!

Sears Tower from street.

Lake Michigan from Sears Tower (Floor 103)

Daley Plaza Christmas Tree.
Macy's Windows


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