I've been bad lately...

Sorry, I mean to get up photos, posts and stuff, but stuff keeps happening.

This morning instead of loading pictures, I printed out my Outlook contacts to send Christmas cards. So, I might have a little ADD, because I went into the office to load pictures to share with you, but I ended up printing my contacts instead. Then, just now remembered that I was supposed to do that this morning.

So, Instead I will share some cute stuff he's doing now. Then, maybe tonight (if another bout of ADD doesn't set in) I can get some pictures up! (I wouldn't hold your breath though, this time of year is pretty crazy and I have way too much stuff garbled around in my head)

Anyhow, anytime anyone sneezes, coughs, blows there nose, etc. Aiden say, "Ahh Choo, ___ (Insert name here)". It is really cute and melts your heart every time you hear it. We have all passed around a head cold this past Friday and through the weekend. So there was a lot of sneezing, coughing, etc going on. Every time you sneeze, Ahh Choo Mama, Ahh Choo Dada. Too cute!!

Also, Aiden is still mumbling in toddler a lot, but he will talk to you, say a sentence or two, slap his knee, laugh and then go on about his way, or start talking more. You always wonder what's so funny, but just seeing him do that is too funny. I wish I could get it on video to share!! He just always does it at different times, I guess we will just have to start video taping him 24-7!! Wouldn't that be fun!

Well, we hope you have a wonderful week. I will definitely try to get photos up over the next 2 days!!


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