On MSN today was the best and worst proposals. Too Funny!!

Let me tell you about Robert and I's proposal and engagement week! He will probably kill me but it's funny!

So, we were living in Granbury, TX at the time. Robert was working in Fort Worth and I was going to school (just graduated on Dec 13th) in Stephenville and working at a vet's office. We are in the process of moving to Fort Worth, looking for a house, starting new job, etc.

Let me set the mood.

It is December 15th 2003, our 7th anniversary! We have both been working all day, and we decide since there are so many wonderful restaurants in Granbury to eat at that we will eat at Chilis for our anniversary. We are having light conversation about the 7 years we have had together (or at least that is what my bad memory remembers) and I say, "OH, I have Wednesday off." Robert says, "Let's get married." I look at him funny...

And the rest is history! We were married the next Saturday (after discussing running away to Vegas with our best friends) by Aunt Janna in the aunts house. (Insert apology (again) for those who we didn't tell or couldn't get there in time, sorry it was a week, I got my dress the same day as the wedding, Come on) We had dinner with our friends and family at Mercado Juarez.

I started a new job the next week, we were in our new house in 2 weeks. I still need to write that book, "How to graduate, get engaged, get married, start a new job and get a new house in 1 week. by Sarah Rosales" Well, I probably need to work on the title, but you get the idea.


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