Garretts Popcorn

About 2 weeks ago Robert was in Chicago and sent home a bucket of Garrett Popcorn. Now, lets step back a couple of years to Mike and Katie's wedding, where I fell in love with this popcorn. They had it on the tables as reception gifts. I think I took all the popcorn at my table and all the left overs, too!! Hey, I was big-o-pregnant at the time!! HEHE.

So, I have eaten all of the Garrett Popcorn bucket. :( It is the best stuff EVER!!!! Katie, Mike, Jim and Patty can all back me up!

This weekend Robert will be in Chicago and I will be meeting him up there for a couple of days. He has to work most of the time, so I think I am going to have to find the Garrett's Popcorn and buy as much of it that I can fit into my suitcase. Maybe, I should just take one outfit!! HEHE!!


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