Baby Things...

We really had a pretty mildly relaxing weekend. Now, the next 2 weekends are booked up, so we probably needed a mildly relaxing weekend.

Saturday we had a little breakfast and around 10:30 Papa, Grandma Lala, Juli, Bubba Joe, Amy and Camryn came over to help us with the task of getting the baby stuff out of the attic. You know how I figured that we would have to move the garage refrigerator to put the ladder up, well, my 100lb brother (He probably weighs more the that, but he's still a lot skinnier then anyone else) just got up on the fridge and pull himself into the attic. Never thought about doing that. Then, he handed stuff down and we handed stuff up.

I've kept some of Aiden's clothes, but handed most of his clothes down to others. Since, almost all of his clothes were purchased by other people or handed down from other's we think we should pass on our good fortune, but not all :) So, about 6 boxes of clothes went up, so that if a year from now we start fostering and have a baby boy in our house we might have some clothes for him.

Grandma Lala, Juli and I put the swing and bouncy chair together. (that was an adventure) I took them apart about a year and 1/2 ago and all the pieces were there, but it took us a couple of minutes to figure out where the pieces went :).

That night after Aiden had been playing with the swing and bouncy chair ALL DAY, I took them 1/2 apart and put them up.

Now we are just waiting on her!

Thanks everyone for helping us out!!


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