Dr. Appointments

Aiden and I both had doctor's appointments this morning...

My was 34 week checkup at Dr. S's office. Everything is good, no heart arrhythmia, not much else to report. Dr. S won't be in the office at my next visit so I get to see a different doctor, who I think saw me in the hospital when Aiden was arriving (before Dr. S got there), but I'm not sure.

Aiden went to the Pediatrician this morning (Dr. P). We really like Dr. P, but hate that your appointment is at 8:45 and she comes in at 9:25. She even has a toddler of her own and you would think she wouldn't keep parents with kids waiting for that long, but she's a good doctor. Well, anyway. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. P, because Aiden's snoring seems not getting any better. A couple of months ago he got a head cold and the cold went away, but the snoring never did. So, I researched and all the information I could find on chronic snoring in toddlers sends you to the ENT doctors for enlarged adenoids or sleep apnea (which both of my parents have.) Dr. P said that his tonsils are enlarged and he has some congestion. She gave us Nasonex to try out on him for a couple of weeks and guess what he gets to go see the ENT. The ENT can look at his adenoids and see if they are enlarged. Hopefully, the Nasonex will help and he won't have to have surgery or anything. I think we are going to try the Nasonex for a week or two and see if it helps and then schedule with the ENT doctor if it doesn't.

I also read that snoring can cause more behavior problems and lovely stuff like that, so maybe that's what causes the crazy toddler stuff. Really, I know he's a toddler and that's what causes the crazy toddler stuff, but we can always hope that if we get rid of the snoring that he will be a well behaved child, right? :) LOL...


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