Someday, about a year or so from now, Robert and I would like to start the foster home process. We believe that we had pretty good childhoods and that we have a passion for kids who aren't able to have the same. We have church friends who have gone through the foster kid process, who have fostered kids and who have even adopted kiddos. We wouldn't have Paul, Ashleigh, and Rosie without Patti and Leigh's passion for helping kids. (BTW, they have a new blog!!

Anyway, we fostered a trashcan for a little while. LOL Long story, but we had an extra recycle bin out in front of our house that drove me crazy, because I thought someone wasn't taking it inside. Come to find out, it was our recycle bin and we had someone else's. :) I called TBPS (Trash Bin Protective Services or the City of Fort Worth) to come and pick up the extra recycle bin and find it a new home. :)

Anyway, again sorry, this seems long to only say that we are fostering a new dog, ROMO!! Well, it's not like he had a bad home or anything like that, his family loves him. His family found out 2 weeks ago that they are moving to Brownwood, TX and have to be there in 9 days, WOW!! They've been looking for a rent house that will allow them to have pets, but hadn't been able to find a place that will allow Romo to stay. Also, Romo's Mommy is pregnant and has a 1 year old. So, we offered to keep Romo for them, while they find a place and move, or if they can't find a place that will let them have Romo, then he'll live with us until they buy a new house, or indefinitely, whatever works for them.

He and Diego LOVE each other. We have BWF (Boston Wrestling Federation) nightly at our house! Romo LOVES the toys we have and especially the Kong (It's the red thing in the pictures below and how I got them to stay still for a second for the pictures)

Aiden also LOVES Romo, he follows Romo and Diego around the house throwing toys for them.


MommaPatti said…
OMG...he is sooo cute!! And thanks for the website plug!! We're soooo glad you all are in our lives, too!!
NJ Grandma said…
Diego looks like he is not sure what (ROMO) that thing is? Am I looking in a mirror??? He is cute.
Love from New Jersey

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