Busy, Busy

The next couple of weekends are pretty busy. This past weekend was a busy weekend, too!

Friday night Robert got home! He's now home for a while, well or until I ask him when he's leaving again. :) He has to do a couple of trips in Oct, Nov and Dec, but he's home at least until October! Friday's have pretty much become Pizza Nights at our house. We make our own Pizzas!! I'll have to put up the recipe for my Fat Free Pizza Crust, don't worry, it's super yummy!!

We helped Nana watch 3 of our nieces and nephews this weekend, while their parents went to a funeral in Austin.

Saturday morning we woke up at 6:00am. Even before Aiden was awake. CRAZY! Robert, Aiden and I headed to the store at 6:30am to get food for the weekend and some for the next week. We wanted to hit the store before all the crazies did for "Tax Free Weekend" We got home, cooked breakfast and headed to Ashleigh's 3rd Birthday Party!!!! Super fun!!!

Saturday afternoon I took a quick nap while Robert supervised kiddos and then we headed across the street to celebrate Kristi's Graduation with her Masters. So, Aiden got to play with Mrs. Della again this week, which he absolutely loved!!!

After making the LONG trek home (across the street) we started dinner and then Lisa and I headed to Dallas for a concert. We had a BLAST!!! Incubus was great, like always and I didn't go into labor. :) I pretty much stood the entire concert so my feet and ankles were super swollen once I got home, but it was well worth it!! Super fun!!

Sunday, was breakfast at home...Robert made a Frittata, which was really yummy, he's always trying out new recipes and stuff. He secretly wants to go to Culinary School. Maybe he should start his own food blog or something.

Then, church, which is just crazy and tiring with a 2 year old. But that's another post. :)

After church, we headed to the park with Nini and PatPat to get some family pictures. Fun!! I'll get those up sometime this week or weekend.

Then, the rest of Sunday afternoon was spent napping, eating and yet another grocery store trip.

Overall, a great weekend!!

This week we have Aiden's orientation to his new school on Thursday!! Then, a bday party Saturday, a baby shower Saturday afternoon and then I can't remember what else.

Well, that's about it from me. I'll get pictures of our weekend up soon!!


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