Aiden had meet the teacher last night at school. He really wanted to go to Daddy's school and kept asking me over and over again in the car, "I go see Daddy's school?" Over and over and over again. :)

Aiden's teacher is going to be Ms. Tracey. She's been teaching at the school for 11 years, she was super nice!

They have a high potty training success in Aiden's class range (YAY!!!) They learn potty training by peer pressure :) Everyone else is doing it and they get to wear cool underwear!!!

Aiden played with some of his classmates and was already making friends. He will have Rosie in his class with him, so he already has aa friend, but he was making friends and playing house with the other kiddos.

I'm really excited for him!! He starts next Wednesday!!

Robert had class too last night, he's getting closer to finishing up his MBA, only about 3 more semesters left for him. His teacher didn't show up for class, so he got to meet us at "Meet the Teacher night" too!! He wasn't so happy about his teacher missing the 1st day of class, but he had classmates that drove from Austin and Stephenville for the class and I bet they were even more upset.


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