Last night for dinner we had Pot Roast, I know, it's beef and I'm supposed to stay away from beef, but I ate a small piece and had lots of potatoes, carrots and corn to make up for the rest of the meat I was missing. Let me also say that I had Pot Roast a couple of weeks ago at mom's house and No Gallbladder problems...

So, we eat at 6:30, watch TV and then at 10:30 I'm up walking circles in the kitchen and massaging my gallbladder area to try to make the pain stop. I tell Robert what's going on and he suggests we go to the hospital. I really didn't want to go to the hospital, the next time I want to go to the hospital I want to come out with Ana in my arms. So, unless they could promise that I really don't want to see the lovely nurses (and they are all lovely, and Dianne (Aiden's godmother) is one of them) But, I just didn't want to drive allllll the way there and then it go away and me have to go through all the silliness again. (And all the lectures from Dr. S and Dr. H)

Finally, I couldn't take the pain anymore, although I knew it would go away, but I just couldn't do it, so we got in the car and were 1/2 way to the hospital when it stopped. THANK GOD... So, I looked at Robert and said, "I'm Sorry, it feels better and is going away can we go home?"

The 1st time I had the gallbladder stuff the pain reoccurred after about 2 hours of relief, luckily this time it didn't (1 month ago it could have returned but I was so drugged up who would have known).

I felt really bad about my stubbornness and having Robert drive me 1/2 way to the hospital at 11:00 at night, I told Robert a couple times, "Thank you for taking me and I'm sorry" He looked at me like I was crazy. :) I know he's my hubby and supposed to do those things, but I still felt bad.

Just about 5 more weeks and the gallbladder will go BYE-BYE! Then, I can have DQ blizzards, Chef's Point, Hamburgers and everything else I've been missing. Really, I have to get rid of 50 lbs before a wedding next June, so I probably shouldn't be eating that stuff anyway, but 1 week of it won't hurt or help my weight.


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