Fun with Lisa

Like I said in this morning's post Lisa and I went to the Incubus concert on Saturday night, and we had a blast!!

Lisa was super worried about me going into labor or something during the concert. Fortunately, that didn't happen, even with me standing for 2 hours!!

When we pulled up to Superpages Center we looked around and all of the sudden thought, "Are we going to be the oldest people here?" This is because there were 100s of teens tailgating in the parking lot. After getting into the venue we started looking around, I kept pointing out the older people to Lisa :) Made us feel a little bit better, but even if we were the oldest people there, we are Incubus fans and would have "toughed" it out.

Even the opening band (Duke Spirit) was pretty good. (A couple of years ago at our last Incubus concert the band was horrible, well, I guess just not our taste, but all 4 of us agreed)

It was a great concert...Have I said that yet? :) Lisa convinced me to move up, we had pretty good seats, but we moved up into really good seats! (That was a 1st for me, I'm pretty much a stick to the rules person) They sang many of our favorite songs and the cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" was greatness.

Getting out of the parking lot was HELL, but I guess that's to be expected. Making it more difficult were the 1000's of drunk college students.

I imagined that Ana was listening and thinking "What the hell are we listening to?" "Is this what my mom thinks music is?" HEHE she enjoyed the concert, too. The only time she was moving around a lot was when the crowd was yelling, pounding the seats, etc for an Encore. That she didn't like, but for the rest of the concert she just laid back and enjoyed the sounds of Incubus!

It will probably be a couple more years before Incubus is back and we'll go again, maybe even take Aiden, 2 years from now he'll be 5, that's a good age for a concert right?! Ok, maybe 2 Incubus concerts from now.

I'm thinking this weekend we need to go dancing! More fun with Lisa!!


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