What's in a name?

I know that we previously said that Ana's middle name was going to be Marie, but I just haven't been feeling it. Then, I looked up the meaning of each of her names. And really not feeling Marie now.

Ana: Gracious, Merciful - Spanish origin
Marie: Sea Of Bitterness or just Bitter - Hebrew origin
Rosales: Rose - Spanish origin

So, Gracious Bitter Rose, HUM....

Let's try Elisabeth

Elisabeth: God Is My Oath - Hebrew origin

That sounds MUCH better! LOL

We also threw Ana-Marie Elisabeth Rosales around for a couple of weeks, but really just doesn't work and I want her to be Ana and not Ana-Marie (it reminds me of this girl from high school)

Poor Aiden was really not named after anyone. I know someday he will ask who he was named after and we will just have to tell him that Aiden was just one of our favorite names, and his daddy loved the name Julian and it fit with Aiden, so Aiden Julian Rosales just sounded perfect for him.

BTW: His name means...

Aiden: Fiery - Irish origin
Julian: Youthful - Latin origin
Rosales: Rose - Spanish origin

Which he definitely lives up to :)

Ana on the other hand is named after my favorite person. My Gran died when I was 11, she hung my moon, along with my Papa. Her name was Elizabeth Ann. So, I think that Ana Elisabeth is a great variation, but still has great significance to me. We are also using a "S" in her middle name to be different and really that's what my parents wanted to have my middle name be, but on my birth certificate it ended up with a "Z".

So, It's pretty set in stone that it will be Ana Elisabeth Rosales. I hope she likes it as much as we do, but she really doesn't have a choice. :)

Just in case you were really wanting to know Robert's name means: Bright Fame (he doesn't have a middle name) and my name means: Princess - which being a tomboy all my life, I don't know how that really fits, but ok, I'm Robert's princess! Well, and in all actuality we always kid that I am the Matriarch in Training of my family, so I guess it fits there too!

Now where is that Fame!! I think that fits Robert and his personality, very very fitting.


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