So, I really can't decide what Aiden might be when he grows up. I know he still has plenty of years to find his way, but let me tell you my thinking. These are just a few:


He loves to sweep and mop. He is literally obsessed with the broom and mop, but hates the vacuum, so maybe that one wouldn't fit him. Also, he makes more messes then he cleans right now. But, it is still so funny to watch him with the broom.


As you have seen, he loves animals. He will always grow up with animals like I did. I believe they are definitely important in our lives. He loved the horses and dogs in NJ. And, loves our dogs. He likes to try to pet any dogs that he sees around the park, although we try to let him know he has to ask first, but he doesn't understand that yet. He also likes the cats around the neighborhood.


At the Newark Airport, on our flight and at the DFW airport he had to wave smile and talk/mumble to everyone he met. It was as if he was running for office. Everyone finds this funny and waves back, but maybe a politician.

Whatever he wants to be is fine with us, but that doesn't stop me from wondering what he will do in life. I know that he will excel in anything he does in life and we will be behind him 100%. Just thinking ahead I guess!


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