Seashore Heights

While in New Jersey Aiden rode on the carousel horse 2 times. They went to Seashore Heights on Thursday while I was in my meeting. Then, on Saturday we went again.

We played Skee Ball (all of us love playing it). We got some tickets to some on trashy trinkets for Aiden. It was mainly for the fun of playing!

We ate some funky stuff, well I had pizza and it was good, but everyone else had Philly Cheese steaks and they had American Cheese on them. Yuck.

Here are some pictures of our day.
These seagulls were crazy. They would hover over these people who are trying to eat there funnel cake and looked as if they might just take it away. They weren't scared at all. The people kept trying to shoo them away and the seagulls barely moved. Bob and Gail said that they have seen the seagulls take food from people, just take it right off the plate. Robert, Aiden and Grandma Gail playing Skee Ball.Aiden and Grandma Gail on the Carousel. He loved it!


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