Hello New Jersey

We, I should say Aiden is settling in just fine here in NJ. He has so far enjoyed the dogs, spilled water, moved furniture and generally up to his normal tricks.

I have to say that this was his 4th flight and this time on landing he decided to give mama and extra treat. As we were decending he became fussy, grabbing at his ear and generally annoyed. I figured the air pressure was just getting to him and then Sarah looks at me and says, I need some wipes. He threw up on her! :) He became a little upset that he had thrown up but at the same time felt much better. I had to just give a little laugh because secretly I was glad it wasn't me.

I have only logged into work once and am going to try and not log in but what can I say i'm a work-aholic.

We dropped Mom off at the hotel for her meeting and we'll go get her tomorrow and then we don't know what were are going to do and that is great...

Talk to ya'll later


Sarah Rosales said…
Now I have been thrown up on, peed on, and pooped on!! I think that was actually his first time to ever throw up. Great times. Got to the hotel and immediately took a shower and threw my clothes in the hotel laundry bag. They are going to smell great.

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