Lady bugs

The Lady Bugs are here!! Actually they came in the mail on Friday. They came in 2 little canvas bags, 1500 in all. I let some out in each area of our garden, but 1500 is too many for our little garden. So, we gave the other bag to a friend!! They are still hanging around.

Our squash plant, which is why I bought the lady bugs in the first place, died.
The ants got to it. :( But, I guess, the lady bugs are still eating all kinds of bugs in the garden!!


NJ Grandma said…
OK - so where do you get lady bugs from - and in a bag???? There is a certain time of the year - and I am thinking when it starts to get warm - the inside of our house is invaded by lady bugs. I know you are not suppose to kill them but there has to be hundreds of them and we still haven't figured out how they are getting in the house. Oh well!!
Brandy said…
Thanks for the Lady Bugs, the kids loved them. We left the bag in the tree last night and the boys went outside this morning to get more lady bugs and play with them.

Talk to you guys later,

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