We had a great weekend full of lots of love and a little bit of rain. I have tons of pictures to share, but I just don't have the energy tonight. We got a Wii this weekend and have spent a ton, probably too much, time on it.

Lots of pictures of Aiden at the park and in the rain puddles coming this week.

Help us with a couple of people we are constantly thinking of right now. With Ike coming in and destroying the Southeast area of Texas, Gran who works for the Army Corps of Engineers is on a special team to help those rebuild what is gone. She is actually in Austin right now, but soon will move to Galveston or Houston to help there. She usually isn't in the mess of stuff, usually does office/budget/time sheet/make sure everyone is doing their job stuff, but she is away from us!! With that, Jeff, PawPaw is by himself while she is out, and I am sure he is worried about her. Also, GiGi, Jeff's mom, is still going through cancer treatments and Gran helped out a lot with that stuff. Jeff and I are stepping in to help, but I know with Gran out it might be a little tougher. So, those are the people we are lifting up to help this week!!

Also, Nini and Patpat got married in California this weekend! On the beach with Aunt Kris and Aunt Linda. The pictures are beautiful. I will share those, too!!

Love to all,


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